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Why You Should Never Ignore Hernia Symptoms

Hernias usually start off small and have no symptoms, but with time many grow larger. Once you begin to have pain and discomfort, pay attention. Here are several reasons why you should never ignore hernia symptoms.

Things To Do And Avoid After Hernia Surgery

Heeding the postoperative instructions after hernia surgery is an essential part of your care. Although each person is different, there are some general guidelines including things to do and avoid after hernia surgery.

Lifestyle Changes To Make After Hernia Surgery

Just because you have had one hernia and been treated, doesn’t mean you can’t get another one. Yes, you heard that right, hernias can come back or recur. You can avoid that from happening by practicing lifestyle changes to make after hernia surgery. Keep reading to discover what those are and how they can help.

Do Hernias Go Away On Their Own?

Do hernias go away on their own? If you have a painful hernia, we are sorry to tell you, but it’s wishful thinking to believe it will just go away. You most likely will need surgery, as that is the only treatment. However, if you have a hernia that never bothers you very much, the

When Is It Time For Hernia Surgery?

The truth is a hernia will not heal itself nor will it go away on its own. At some point you may need to have surgery, but the “when” is basically up to you – and the hernia. If that seems confusing, keep reading and find out when is it time for hernia surgery, and

The Serious Risks You’re Taking by Not Treating a Hernia

There are avowed procrastinators who abide by the saying: “Don’t rush me, I’m waiting for the last minute.” That might be funny if the topic was inconsequential, but getting treatment for a hernia would not be one of them. The serious risks you’re taking by not treating a hernia are no joke, and delaying needed

Surprising Hernia Causes You May Not Know

Do you have a hernia? Do you have any idea why, what happened, or whether you might have done something to cause it? Of the 700,000 hernia surgeries performed each year, only a small percentage of patients are actually aware of what caused their hernia. It might be helpful to learn about some surprising hernia

8 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Developing a Parastomal Hernia

Within two years of surgery to create a stoma, 50% to 78% of people will develop a parastomal hernia, making it the most frequent complication after a colostomy or other types of stomas. If you are planning to have surgery or have recently had a colostomy or ileostomy, pay close attention to these 8 ways