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Advantages of Robotic Hernia Surgery

Robotic Hernia Surgery in Michigan

Advantages of Robotic Surgery

Robotic instrumentation has several advantages over traditional instruments. One of the most important is the fact that robotic instruments articulate in a way very similar to the human wrist. This now means that not only are traditional open surgical instruments able to miniaturized but also a surgeons hands essentially are as well. As a result, more complex surgical procedures that previously could only be performed open, through large surgical incisions, are now able to be performed “minimally invasively” through a few small holes. Call (248)551-9090 to schedule an appointment today!

How is Robotic Surgery Performed?

Robotic-assisted surgery is performed by a surgeon not by a “Robot.”

Most people think of robots like the ones used in a car assembly plant, namely, machines that are pre-programmed by a computer to perform a repetitive task without the need of a human being. Robotic-assisted surgery is nothing like that.

Traditionally, a surgeon will hold their instruments directly with their own hands in order to perform the surgery. In robotic surgical cases, the robot holds the surgical instruments and the surgeon then controls the instruments through the robotic interface. This allows for very precise control of the surgical environment. The surgeon controls most everything themselves in this system with less need for direct surgical assistance.

This is very similar to flying modern airplanes in that when the pilot “steers” the plane they are not pulling on a wire directly attached to the wings but rather the computer interprets their actions and then transmits those movements more precisely to change the direction of the wings.