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Michigan Hernia Surgery Photo Gallery

Hernia Repair Before and After

Before and after images of some of our actual patients are shown on the following pages. These are patients with real hernias and abdominal wall issues (fistulas, wounds, stomas, bandages, etc.). The images have been edited as much as possible to maintain patient privacy and appropriateness for viewing. However, theses images are of the human body and therefore may be considered medically graphic. Preoperative images are shown as well as postoperative images at varying time points in the patient’s recovery process. It is important to remember that each patient’s situation is different and that each and every patient will respond to surgery and the healing process differently. Surgical wounds change in appearance as they heal over time. These images represent the surgical wounds and results at the time of the photograph and may or may not represent the “final” result or appearance expected for any particular patient or condition.

Many patients with hernias may not be able to see the hernia themselves and only learn about the hernia after a physician feels it on exam or it is seen on a CT scan or other imaging test. The following images are visually obvious to both medical and non-medical people alike and are designed to demonstrate examples of difficult hernias and complex abdominal wall disorders and the excellent results that may be achieved by a dedicated and experienced medical team.

These images should only be viewed by persons with an appropriate maturity level and respect for the patients who have endured these difficult medical situations.