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Pelvic Pain and Hidden Hernias: What to Know

When most of us think of hernias, we think of the telltale bulge. A hidden hernia is not a joke, and unfortunately it is not easy to diagnose because, well, it is hidden. Women seem to be the people who suffer with this unusual and very painful ailment. Pelvic pain and hidden hernias: what to

The Challenge Of Hernia Diagnosis In Women

Some conditions are relatively easy for a physician to diagnose. There are certain symptoms and signs along with other risk factors making the condition or disease easier to pinpoint. When it comes to hernias, the challenge of hernia diagnosis in women can be quite frustrating for the woman.

Why Did I Develop A Hernia?

Anyone can develop a hernia, but some people are more at risk. There are some factors of which you have no control, and then there are those you create all by yourself. Preventing one might be possible as long as you don’t add to the behaviors that make you more susceptible.

Don’t Let These Hernia Myths Stop You From Surgery

It’s never a good idea to put off surgery, and especially when it comes to hernia surgery. Maybe you have heard wild tales about problems with recovery or the surgery itself. Don’t be led astray, and don’t let these hernia myths stop you from surgery.

Inguinal Hernia: What You Need To Know

If you’ve been told you have an inguinal hernia, here is what you need to know. The first thing you should know is that it is a common condition, and secondly, it won’t go away on its own.

Preparing Your Home For Post Surgery Recovery

The recovery time after surgery can be almost as important as the surgery itself. Unless you prepare ahead of time and follow your doctor’s orders, you can create situations which lead to complications, another surgery, or maybe a longer recovery time. Put some thought into preparing your home for post surgery recovery.

Parastomal Hernia: What You Need To Know

Fifty to seventy-eight percent of patients who have a colostomy or ileostomy have a complication known as a parastomal hernia. Let’s investigate what a parastomal hernia is and what you need to know if you develop one.

Does A Ventral Hernia Need To Be Repaired?

If you are diagnosed with a ventral hernia, at some point it will need to be repaired. It may not be urgent at the moment, but eventually certain circumstances will discourage any procrastination.

What To Expect Before And After Hernia Surgery

Hernias occur when tissues or an organ push through a weak spot in the connecting tissue or muscle wall. Since hernias do not get better by themselves, sometimes your doctor will recommend surgery to treat your hernia. Here is what to expect before and after hernia surgery.

Everything You Should Know About Abdominal Wall Hernias

When there is a weakness in the abdominal wall, an abdominal wall hernia can develop. The muscles and tissue of the abdominal wall provide strength and hold in all the contents of the abdominal cavity. If there is an opening in the wall, it can allow the inside to press through creating a hernia. Commonly,