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Inguinal Hernia Surgery In Females: Lowering The Risk Of Chronic Pain

Although more hernia surgeries are performed each year on men, it seems a higher percentage of women suffer the risk of significant chronic pain. Many physicians and surgery centers are studying inguinal hernia surgery in females and lowering the risk of chronic pain.

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How Do Parastomal Hernias Develop?

There are various types of hernias which occur in different places in our body. One type you may have heard of is an incisional hernia located at the site of a previous surgery. In fact, a parastomal hernia is the most common complication of an ostomy surgery. Let us explain. How do parastomal hernias develop?

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What Are The Benefits Of Minimally Invasive Surgery?

If you must have surgery, would you prefer one with more damage to your body or less? How about a surgery with more pain or less, a longer hospital stay or a shorter one, and a surgery with the possibility of multiple complications or one which delivers fewer complications? We think we know the answer. Fortunately, there are more and more surgical procedures available that offer a minimally invasive alternative. What are the benefits of minimally invasive surgery?

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Minimally Invasive Robotic Hernia Repair: What You Should Know

Hernia repair has come a long way, from the large incisions, open surgery technique, combined with a lengthy post surgery recovery time. You can now have hernia repair surgery performed through less invasive procedures, namely, either laparoscopically or now minimally invasive robotic hernia repair.

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Preparing Your Home For Post Surgery Recovery

The recovery time after surgery can be almost as important as the surgery itself. Unless you prepare ahead of time and follow your doctor’s orders, you can create situations which lead to complications, another surgery, or maybe a longer recovery time. Put some thought into preparing your home for post surgery recovery.

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