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About Michigan Hernia Surgery

Our Providers:

Hernias and hernia patients come in many different styles and types. In healthy individuals, hernias can be quite simple and only require simple surgical procedures. These are often easily done on an outpatient basis or with only a limited hospital stay.  However, many patients with hernias also have complicated medical issues and not only require an experienced surgeon to complete a complex surgical reconstruction but also need a surgeon comfortable treating postoperative medical conditions and potential complications in the ICU and beyond.

Experienced Hernia Surgeons

Many of our patients have been referred from other physicians, some of whom are uncomfortable with the surgical technique required or with the expectation that the combination of medical issues and surgical complexity will mandate intensive care treatment. We are proud to offer not only the expertise needed for surgical reconstruction in the operating room but also the experience necessary to care for patients postoperatively, whether it requires only one postoperative visit or many weeks in the ICU.  When you have a hernia, seek care from a surgeon DEVOTED to the care of hernias.