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Lifestyle Changes To Make After Hernia Surgery

Just because you have had one hernia and been treated, doesn’t mean you can’t get another one. Yes, you heard that right, hernias can come back or recur. You can avoid that from happening by practicing lifestyle changes to make after hernia surgery. Keep reading to discover what those are and how they can help. As always, we hope to offer you a durable and safe hernia repair without recurrence and strive to track our outcomes with the Americas Core Health Quality Collaborative.

Drop A Few Pounds

If you are overweight or obese, drop a few pounds. You can actually prevent another hernia by staying at a healthy weight. Being overweight puts pressure on your abdominal wall, and as you recover from hernia surgery and start to move, you put extra pressure on your abdomen and it’s possible to strain the area.

Ask Michigan Hernia Surgery to recommend exercises and dietary changes to prevent another hernia.


Quit Smoking

Smoking leads to many health issues and hernia recurrence is one of them.  The following problems relate to a hernia:

  • Smoking and COPD lead to excessive coughing which puts pressure on your abdomen.
  • Nicotine inhibits the healing process after surgery by restricting blood flow.
  • The risk of infection near your surgical incision increases if you smoke.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

Every time you lift something heavy, you risk developing a hernia. Always bend at your knees, not your waist, and lift using your legs. If something is too heavy, ask for help or use a hand truck. If you feel pain, STOP.

Eat Fiber Rich Foods

Without sufficient fiber in your diet, you can suffer from chronic constipation. Straining to move your bowels puts too much pressure on your abdomen which can cause a hernia. Eating a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables will also help to keep your weight in check.

Find The Proper Types Of Exercise

You may have to re-think your exercise regimen after hernia surgery. Find those exercises which strengthen and stretch muscles rather than aggravate them. Walking, yoga, or any other low impact activity is the best way to start after hernia surgery. We can help you with rehabilitation if needed and guide you with the Americas Core Health Quality Collaborative guides post surgery.  Just ask us!

Keep Diabetes In Control

There is increasing information that diabetes can increase the risk of complications after hernia surgery. Improve your meal planning and reduce intake of trans fat, sugar, and salt.

Work On Your Core Strength

Increasing your core strength has many health benefits and one is reducing the incidence of hernias. Regular core strengthening exercises will keep the muscles near your abdomen and groin strong. Talk to Michigan Hernia Surgery about what might be best for you.

Making some lifestyle changes can prevent another hernia and another surgery.

Request a Hernia Treatment Consultation

Contact Michigan Hernia Surgery for more information or if you are considering hernia surgery.

As always, if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call 248.551.9090 or request an appointment online today.


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