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When Is It Time For Hernia Surgery?

The truth is a hernia will not heal itself nor will it go away on its own. At some point you may need to have surgery, but the “when” is basically up to you – and the hernia. If that seems confusing, keep reading and find out when is it time for hernia surgery, and why you might not want to wait?

Hernia Basics

A hernia occurs when an organ or other structure bulges out of its normal place and squeezes into and through other tissue or weakened muscle walls.  The only way to repair a hernia is to return the organ to its proper place and fix the weakened muscle or tissue. Data tells us that most people have hernia surgery within 10 years of their diagnosis. The point is you eventually need it, so deciding to wait or do “watchful waiting” in consultation with Michigan Hernia Surgery is mostly your choice. The risks and benefits of waiting vs. moving ahead quickly only you can answer. Let’s look at some objective reasons not to wait too long.


First There’s The Pain

Many people have no real symptoms if the hernia is a small one. But hernias grow over time and eventually can become extremely painful and affect your daily activities. You may chronically have a feeling of heaviness in the groin or abdomen. Once your hernia has grown and you have painful symptoms, the surgery may be more difficult and more complicated than if you had taken care of it sooner.

Your General Health May Change

As we age we magically seem to acquire more medical problems. Waiting to have your hernia surgery for years can increase the likelihood of complications and a longer recovery time. On the other hand someone in their seventies or older with no symptoms and a sedentary lifestyle may decide to not have surgery at all. Here the risks may outweigh the benefits.

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery Is Beneficial When You Are Young

Hernia surgery has improved, so any fears of a long recovery time are muted. Most hernia repairs are minimally invasive and low risk. There is a shorter recovery time and you can return to work and normal activities within days. Ask Michigan Hernia Surgery whether you are a candidate for this kind of repair.

Why Risk An Incarcerated Hernia?

Hernias can become trapped outside the abdominal wall. This condition cuts off the blood supply and may cause a bowel obstruction. This is a serious problem which results in a “strangulated” hernia and a medical emergency. This is one of the major risks of waiting. So what is your hernia telling you? Is there pain or discomfort? Does it affect your lifestyle? If there are no symptoms, the hernia is still small, and you are relatively young, talk with Michigan Hernia Surgery about “watchful waiting.”

Just remember that the younger you are and the smaller the hernia, the easier the repair.

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