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How A Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair Works

All hernia repairs are performed surgically, and there are several techniques to complete the repair.  If you are having an inguinal hernia repaired, let’s discover step by step how a laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair works.

When Can I Exercise After Hernia Surgery?

If you have been living with a painful hernia, you probably have not been doing a lot of exercise. The excess pain of moving the wrong way or exerting certain muscles made working out virtually impossible. Now that you finally have had hernia repair surgery, the first question you ask your doctor is, when can

The Challenge Of Hernia Diagnosis In Women

Some conditions are relatively easy for a physician to diagnose. There are certain symptoms and signs along with other risk factors making the condition or disease easier to pinpoint. When it comes to hernias, the challenge of hernia diagnosis in women can be quite frustrating for the woman.

Beaumont Health Increases Fleet of Robotic Surgery Systems

Beaumont Health in Southfield has increased its fleet of robotic surgery systems by 50% after adding 24 da Vinci robotic surgical systems. The demand for minimally invasive surgical procedures, including hernia procedures, continues to increase and Beaumont will soon have more capacity to treat an additional 2,200 patients with minimally invasive robotic surgery. “We expanded

Inguinal Hernia Surgery In Females: Lowering The Risk Of Chronic Pain

Although more hernia surgeries are performed each year on men, it seems a higher percentage of women suffer the risk of significant chronic pain. Many physicians and surgery centers are studying inguinal hernia surgery in females and lowering the risk of chronic pain.

Why Did I Develop A Hernia?

Anyone can develop a hernia, but some people are more at risk. There are some factors of which you have no control, and then there are those you create all by yourself. Preventing one might be possible as long as you don’t add to the behaviors that make you more susceptible.

How Do Parastomal Hernias Develop?

There are various types of hernias which occur in different places in our body. One type you may have heard of is an incisional hernia located at the site of a previous surgery. In fact, a parastomal hernia is the most common complication of an ostomy surgery. Let us explain. How do parastomal hernias develop?

What Are The Benefits Of Minimally Invasive Surgery?

If you must have surgery, would you prefer one with more damage to your body or less? How about a surgery with more pain or less, a longer hospital stay or a shorter one, and a surgery with the possibility of multiple complications or one which delivers fewer complications? We think we know the answer.

Risks of Leaving a Hernia Untreated

With some medical issues it is acceptable to follow the watch and wait approach. When it comes to a hernia, you can’t be so nonchalant or procrastinate. There are too many serious risks of leaving a hernia untreated for very long.

Don’t Let These Hernia Myths Stop You From Surgery

It’s never a good idea to put off surgery, and especially when it comes to hernia surgery. Maybe you have heard wild tales about problems with recovery or the surgery itself. Don’t be led astray, and don’t let these hernia myths stop you from surgery.