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Is It A Ventral Hernia?

A ventral hernia is sometimes referred to as an “incisional” hernia, meaning it forms at the site of a past surgical incision. This is true but can be misleading since there are many other factors involved in why a ventral hernia occurs.  

The fundamental cause of a ventral hernia is a weakened abdominal wall where a bulge of tissues is able to push through, and it can happen anywhere in the abdomen.

Here is some helpful information about the signs, risk factors, and seriousness of a ventral hernia.

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8 Silent Signs You Have A Hernia

Most of us think of a hernia as a visible bulge in the abdomen. This is certainly true, but there are other symptoms of a hernia that can present as something entirely different. Be cautious, and don’t ignore them or self-diagnose thinking your symptoms are insignificant.

Some untreated hernias can be quite dangerous. Let’s look at 8 silent signs you may have a hernia.

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Risk Factors And Causes For Inguinal Hernia

An Inguinal hernia occurs when part of the intestines pushes through a weakened spot in the abdomen near the right or left inguinal canal. Men and women can both experience hernias, but it is much more common in the male population.

The hernia can appear as a bulge at the groin or pubic area of the body with severe pain during exertion, a burning sensation, a swollen scrotum all acting as common symptoms. 

Let’s investigate the specific causes and risk factors for Inguinal hernias.

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AHS 2018

Happy to have 2 presentations at the Americas Hernia Society International Hernia Congress 2018 conference in Miami, FL.  Our work will be presented to hernia surgeons from around the world.

We are excited to discuss our work on robotic GPRVS inguinal hernia repair as well as robotic hybrid TAR for ventral hernia repair.