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AHSQC Reaches 50,000 Patient Milestone

The Americas Hernia Society Quality Collaborative Foundation recently marked and exceeded their 50,000th registered hernia patient. To learn more about this important milestone, please see the press release published about the foundation.

The Difference Between Laparoscopic and Robotic Hernia Surgery Repair

Although they may be a common health issue, hernias can be painful and cause disruption to your daily life. Because of that, people will often quickly seek treatment, often in the form of either laparoscopic or robotic hernia repair. But what exactly are the differences between the two?

Your Guide to Groin Hernias

Also known as an inguinal hernia, a groin hernia occurs when part of the intestine bulges through a weak place in the abdomen near the inguinal canal. Like most other types of hernias they can cause pain or be asymptomatic.

Presentations at Americas Hernia Society in Las Vegas, NV 2019

This year we are happy to represent our institution and practice with multiple presentations at the Americas Hernia Society annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV. Together with our dedicated residents we are proud to showcase these important contributions to academia!   More information at Great job Josh and Alex on your podium presentations!  

How To Prevent A Hernia

In some cases preventing a hernia is out of our control, like a family history of hernias, having had a previous abdominal surgery, or simply muscle weakness from birth, but there are ways to lower your risk for triggering the development of one.

3 Types of Hernias That Men Are Most Likely to Develop in Their Lifetime

A hernia occurs when an internal organ or other part of the body extends through the wall of muscle or tissue that normally holds it.  It is most common in the abdominal cavity between the hips and chest. Hernias are not usually life threatening, but can require surgery to prevent dangerous complications.