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When Can I Have Sex After Hernia Surgery?

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When can I have sex after hernia surgery? If the discomfort from your hernia led to discomfort during sex, we can understand why that might be the first question you ask your surgeon. Hernia repair surgery is a common type of procedure, and recovery time depends on what type of surgery was performed. There is no set timetable for sex after hernia surgery.

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Expect soreness and swelling after hernia repair surgery regardless of the type performed. This should last at least for a few days post-surgery. The anesthesia may have taken more of a toll than you expected, and you could feel fatigued for a week or more. You will be instructed not to have strenuous activities for a time period, and that certainly includes sexual intercourse.

Michigan Hernia Surgery’s answer may be to take it slow and not to have sex for a few days or up to a few weeks. This all depends on the following:

  • the location of the hernia
  • your age and general health
  • the type of surgery performed
  • if there were any complications during the repair

There are few restrictions on sexual activity if you had laparoscopic surgery. Although you will have soreness around the site, you can normally have sexual activity within a week. For men who had inguinal surgery, there may be a great deal of swelling and sex may not be something you want to jump into.

If you want to have sex and it doesn’t hurt, go for it. If you have discomfort and/or pain, stop and give it a few more days.

Some Tips for the “First” Time

Before having intercourse for the first time after hernia surgery, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Have a conversation with your partner so you both are on the same page.
  • Try positions that don’t put stress on your surgical site.
  • Go slowly at first with gentle movements to see how you feel.
  • Opt for oral sex.
  • Be ready and willing to change positions or stop if it becomes too painful.

Michigan Hernia Surgery is your best source for when it will be the optimal time to begin having sex again. Follow that advice.

Contact Michigan Hernia Surgery at (248) 551-9090 if you have additional questions about hernia recovery.

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