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When Can I Have Sex After Hernia Surgery?

When can I have sex after hernia surgery? If the discomfort from your hernia led to discomfort during sex, we can understand why that might be the first question you ask your surgeon. Hernia repair surgery is a common type of procedure, and recovery time depends on what type of surgery was performed. There is

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Activities To Avoid After Hernia Repair

Whenever someone is contemplating a surgical procedure, one of the first questions they ask about is post-surgical restrictions. They want to know how soon they can get back to their normal life and activities. The answers to these questions may determine when and if they have surgery. When it comes to hernia surgery, what are

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Can You Get a Hernia From Pooping?

Can you get a hernia from pooping? To be more specific, you can get a hernia from attempting or trying to poop. There’s a difference, obviously. Some folks can have a bowel movement with literally no effort, however others must strain and spend a long time on the commode. This is not healthy and, yes,

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Do Hernia Symptoms Differ Between Men and Women?

Most physicians believe you have a greater chance of getting a hernia as you get older. This is true for both men and women. Hernias are weak places in muscle walls that allow internal organs to protrude. They don’t heal on their own and must be surgically repaired. However, becoming aware you have one can

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Hernia Repair Surgery: What Exactly is “Mesh”?

Hernias occur when an organ, intestine, or other tissue squeezes through a weak area in nearby muscles or connective tissue. In many cases it protrudes through the skin surface and is visible. 90% of hernia surgeries use mesh to complete the repair. Let’s look at hernia repair surgery: what exactly is “mesh”? Mesh Is a

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Parastomal Hernia After Ostomy Surgery

A parastomal hernia forms only after a stoma has been created during ostomy surgery. A stoma is an opening in the abdomen that can be connected to the digestive or urinary system so waste can be redirected out of the body and into a bag. It is common to develop a parastomal hernia within a

When Should a Parastomal Hernia Be Repaired?

Parastomal hernias are unique and only form at the site of a stoma. 78% of patients with a stoma will develop a hernia within just a few years, and unfortunately many will have a recurrence. Keep reading if you or someone you love has a stoma and find out when should a parastomal hernia be

Pelvic Pain and Hidden Hernias: What to Know

When most of us think of hernias, we think of the telltale bulge. A hidden hernia is not a joke, and unfortunately it is not easy to diagnose because, well, it is hidden. Women seem to be the people who suffer with this unusual and very painful ailment. Pelvic pain and hidden hernias: what to

How Much Pain Will I Be In After Hernia Surgery?

How much pain will I be in after hernia surgery? Having any kind of surgery will cause different levels of pain afterward. At the same time, everyone feels pain differently. That’s why doctors usually ask us how the pain feels on a scale of 1 to 10. It gives them a sense of your pain.

Umbilical Hernia In Adults: Should I Have Surgery?

Umbilical hernia in adults: should I have surgery? That’s a question with several answers due to the options you have available to you. It’s a little confusing, and there are factors to consider. Keep reading and find out the choices you have.