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Can a Hernia Have Side Effects to Your Sexual Health?

There is one particular type of hernia, called an inguinal or groin hernia, that often causes a significant amount of concern from men about whether or not it will affect their sexual function. Most of this concern is based on the location of the hernia, which is of course is the same location that will require surgery to repair the hernia.

Fact or Fiction?

The chance of an inguinal hernia causing any sort of sexual dysfunction issue is extremely low. An inguinal hernia is named by the site at which it typically protrudes from, which is the inguinal canal. Despite being near the reproductive organs, this canal possesses its own separate nerves, which are the only ones likely to be affected by an inguinal hernia or its repair surgery.

Some temporary impairment of sexual function could follow an inguinal hernia repair surgery. This is due to the fact that it can be difficult or even painful to use the pelvic floor muscles that have been affected by the hernia.

It is much more likely for men to experience problems with their sexual health if they do not properly treat an inguinal hernia. These hernias can make both an erection and an orgasm quite painful. The further that these hernias progress and the more severe they become, the more likely the patient is to experience sexual dysfunction problems.

Inguinal Hernia Repair in Michigan

Sexual Dysfunction and HerniasIf an individual experiences sexual health complications as a result of an inguinal hernia, they can usually relieve these painful symptoms by undergoing a hernia repair surgery.

In very rare instances, hernia surgery can potentially compromise the blood flow to the testis. However, this is not a problem unless both testes are affected, as a single testis is able to provide more than enough testosterone.

It is also important to speak with your doctor about when you will be able to return to regular sexual activity after your hernia repair surgery. These periods of time will vary from patient to patient, but will often last at least a few weeks until their pain has subsided.


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